• Edition : Colonial warriors

Hana, akin to a flower in the eyes of many, embodies hope for others. Despite her past mistakes, she ardently fights for the rights of the oppressed. Her boundless curiosity and infectious joy serve as catalysts, setting positive change into motion.

Material: lime, gypsum, marble chips

Colonial Warriors comprises a collection of casted stools crafted from natural materials. These stools serve as replicas of the original wooden pieces once crafted in the workshop of our great-grandfather and traded in African markets. Through the process of casting, we not only replicate but also reimagine the essence of the originals.

Vibrant colors and the introduction of new materials infuse a playful spirit into these pieces, while simultaneously accentuating the skill and artistry of our ancestors. What was once purely utilitarian and functional now undergoes a metamorphosis into a tribute. This tribute beckons one to take a seat, offering a fresh vantage point to contemplate the world around us. It encourages a reassessment of the status quo and prompts reflection on the aspects of life, both personal and societal, that we often overlook or take for granted.

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