We work
with earth.

Grond studio works with raw earth and transforms it into unique surfaces, furniture and objects. We use century-old construction techniques but update them with novel material knowledge and contemporary aesthetics.

In our earth works, experimentation is key and we often work in close collaboration with architects, artists, designers & scientists. These collaborations not only add a distinctive aesthetic layer to projects, but also take well known construction methods and the application of local soil in contemporary design projects a step further.

Behind Grond studio is the conviction that earth, as one of the most common resources on the planet, holds a strong capability for new thinking and action towards a more balanced relationship between humans and nature.

Grond studio is founded by Pieter Van Bruyssel, a Brussels-based craftsman.  After his master in photography, he traveled extensively and discovered earth as a building material. The realisation that, at least in our contemporary urban environments, we have almost completely forgotten this material, made him decide to follow extensive training courses in Vorarlberg (Austria) where he became familiar with the work of rammed-earth specialist Martin Rauch. After a couple of years of building up experience in national and international raw earth projects, he founded Grond studio early 2020. Since the start, Grond studio provides high-skilled, aesthetic and detailed work with local and sustainable materials. Together with a team of strong and crafty King Kongs, Grond studio delivers raw earth craftsmanship for architecture and design.

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