• Edition : raw earth block
  • Dimensions : 24 cm x 14 cm

Catena is a chain of 4 geometrical structures in rammed earth. Connected by a pin, the structures form a modular series that can be shaped and reshaped into an abstract totem or functional elements. By designing sober geometrical structures, Grond wants to give full exposure to the rammed earth, its texture, its density, its granularity.

Besides an object that you can feel, lift up, shape and reshape, Catena wants you to reconnect with earth. As such, building a Catena is a kind of touch base with the forgotten earthen material, symbolizing the potential of raw earth – – not as a substitute but as a powerful, healthy and extremely ecological alternative for contemporary design.

Catena follows the OpenStructures Design Principles of circularity and modularity and is a happy part of the OpenStructures_Grid.

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