JAM Hotel


  • Architects : A2M
  • Designer : Atelier Lionel Jadot
  • Location : Lisbon, Portugal
  • Client : Jam Hotel


Grond designed 5 different tiles and created a grid-like structure to decorate the hotel lobby. The tiles are hand-crafted using the clay extrusion process: the clay is pushed through holes in metal plates which form the pattern of the tiles. The long line of patterned clay is then cut into the different tiles. After the extrusion process, the clay is fired and cooled down slowly. The result is a textured tile, not glossy or shiny, in typical terracotta red.  Design, production & installation in collaboration with Thomas Eggermont.


Whereas the terracotta tiles in the lobby are fired, the bricks at the hotel entrance are completely made out of raw earth, i.e. no processing, no firing involved. The bricks serve as sculptural blinds, marking the hotel entrance from the street. Extreme compression gives these rammed earth bricks their density and strength. To create a somewhat lighter texture and a more brown-red colour, we added cork and wood shaving to the earthen mix.


For the patio outside the hotel entrance, Grond applied a terracotta colour lime plaster on the benches and tables. The design and colour add a hacienda-style vibe to the patio, using an eco-friendly plaster suitable for outdoor use. The lime plaster creates a smooth and silky texture that is completely waterproof.  Production & installation in collaboration with HUUS.

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