The Regenerative Garden


  • Earth bricks, rammed earth, clay plaster
  • Architects : Nicolas Godelet architects and engineers
  • Client : BEL Expo, Belgian Government
  • Location : Almere, Netherlands

This massive project contains over 65 tons of earth which forms the basic structure of the Regenerative Garden, a winning design by Nicolas Godelet for the Belgian Pavilion at Floriade 2022. Grond used Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) to build the walls, sculpted a crazy-looking clay plaster and compressed a rammed earth floor — all for outside use!  The Regenerative Garden is a geometrical and natural project that reflects Belgian gardens. The pavilion’s architecture is designed to minimise its environmental impact. Each material chosen is fully reusable or degradable, low-carbon and natural like raw earth, wood, hemp, naturally compostable bioplastic. All these materials will be reused or recycled at the end of the exhibition.

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